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Beyond the Leash......with Nick Chaisson
Beyond the Leash......with Nick Chaisson

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Master the Walk

The key to dog training is in the WALK. Learn to walk your dog properly and good behavior will trickle down into all areas of your dogs' actions.


One Hour Walking Private Lesson $49

Career Education

Ever thought of a career in dog training? Cindy Chaisson's instuction in a career course will prepare you for a new business that you will love. Hands on training, ongoing support, and business mentoring will ensure your success in your new career.  Last chance before I move to Florida this Summer!

To fully enjoy life, your work should be enjoyable!


As Your Coach...

We dedicate ourselves to becoming your partner in training your dog. Your unlimited education for your family extends two weeks beyond your dogs' graduation. Our support and guidance is available to CDU graduates forever to help you maintain your dog training.  You can call us anytime. (well, during normal waking hours please)

Customer Service is our Main Focus. We stand behind our training, stand next to you in support, and travel with your concerns throughout your dogs journey in life.

We love to speak DOG.

Cindy Chaisson
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Preparing to get a home loan requires some obedience classes...similar to sit, down, and stay. SIT Champ in TN Sit down and design your goals.  The type of home (square footage, lot size, style, neighborhood, location) The purchase price of your new home The down payment you desire. Time frame (what date do you want the keys to your new home?) I can help you pinpoint the home price that will fit comfortably into your goals. DOWN Download the documents that you will be needing to upload to your loan originator (that's what we are called these days) Gypsy in FL. W-2 forms (2 years) Tax Returns (2 years) Pay Stubs (Collect one month) Bank Statements (all pages for 2 months) Anything incorrect on your credit report that needs documentation ( or are a great place to get a "peek" at your information, but don't be surprised when the credit pull for a mortgage has some more detailed information.   STAY Fred in N.C. Stay focused and keep your eye on the ball...don't let distractions keep you from your goal. The key to good training (in dogs, and anything) is timing.... being concise with your goals, and efficient with your documentation presentation will lead you to the best outcome..........fetching the home and loan that meets your goals! Call me to learn loan obedience of Sit,Down, and Stay. Cindy Chaisson Licensed Originator NMLS #1385534 Mortgage Resources of South Florida Licensed Mortgage Lender NMLS 284786 745 U.S. Highway 1- Suite 308 North Palm Beach, FL, 33408 561-246-9586 Who are those cute dogs? The dogs in the photos were all rescue dogs my previous company, California Dog University, rehabilitated and trained as a service dogs for disable Veterans and children.

Eliminate Frustration and Chaos....Add in Peace and Balance.

As professional people and responsible parents, we know that raising a respectable dog is not an impossible feat....yet, it keeps us up all night, and terrorizes our day as we struggle with nipping, chewing, jumping, biting, and pulling on the leash.


There is a solution! California Dog University offers classes in leash walking, potty training, and leadership building that will eliminate biting, jumping, and destruction.


With using the proper dog trainer, and the effective dog training methods, you and your dog can be on the path to calm leadership and success. 


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Leaving your dog with a trainer is never an easy decision. You will miss them, but rest assured, they will  be having a great time while they learn! They will think they are at summer camp for dogs, no matter what time of year it is.  Nick Chaisson and California Dog University's highly trained team make your dog’s comfort and safety their top priority. Proper training is an essential part of your pet’s health and well-being. 

A dog trainer teaches more than just sit and stay. Learning to create a calm dog takes a special dog training method based on patience and balance.
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